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En lugar de una introducción
¿Porqué una re­vis­ta an­ti­n­acio­nal in­ter­na­cio­nal?

“El activismo en México está siempre en situación de urgencia“
Ent­re­vis­ta con una ac­tivis­ta de México sobre l@ s za­pa­tis­tas y el in­ter­cam­bio entre México y Berlín

La revolución en el supermercado „Bio“
Por qué se ne­ce­si­ta una re­vo­lu­ción. Y por qué la re­vo­lu­ción no es sufi­ci­en­te.

¿Liberación nacional o liberarse de la nación?
Por qué solo po­de­mos sa­cu­dir la ca­be­za ante el na­cio­na­lis­mo de iz­quier­da…

„¡Fuck you, I won‘t do what you tell me!“
Ent­re­vis­ta con Tom Mo­rel­lo de „Rage Against the Ma­chi­ne“

¿¡Comenzar con un@ mism@!?
Sobre no comer ham­bur­gue­sas, no usar ropa de H&M y no rea­li­zar via­jes, o de por qué a me­nu­do la crítica a todo esto se vu­el­ve tan cómoda

Cuando las abejas vuelan hacia las flores…
El por qué de una re­lación entre el género y el Esta­do

¿Socialismo Real Existente?
Lo que nosotr@ s pen­sa­mos de la Unión Soviética & Co. y por qué sus ter­ri­bles de­li­tos son una razón más para luchar por el co­mu­nis­mo

“¡Es su culpa!”
Ca­pi­ta­lis­mo. Cri­sis. Con­flic­tos. Les echan la culpa de casi todo a l@ s judí@s.

¡Que nadie tenga nunca más que “trabajar como hombre”*!
O por qué Chris­tia­no Ro­nal­do siemp­re posa como vaque­ro antes del tiro libre

Nos estamos quedando sin trabajo – ¡Por fin!
Sobre tra­ba­jo y Ka­ro­shi

PorNo? PorYes? PorHaps… Por qué no todos los pornos son calientes.

Kvinoble por la nacio = kvinoble malĝuste
Argumentoj kontraŭ naciistoj

Etnopopolismo mistrafas
La kapitalismo-kritiko de (nov-)nazioj nek komprenas nek volas abolicii la kapitalismon.

20-jariĝo de la reunuiĝo?

ROUTES SUCRÉES #2 (March 2014)
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ROUTES SUCRÉES #1 (December 2012) (2nd Edition January 2017, now: STREETS OF SUGAR)
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„Routes sucrées“ is an inter-/antinational leftist magazine that is being distributed for free in English-speaking countries. It focuses on providing undogmatic food for thought for a liberated society – one free of capitalism, sexism, homophobia, the state, racism and other forms of domination. One that we, for lack of a better name, would call communism. „Routes sucrées“ is the „little sister“ of a German youth magazine entitled „Straßen aus Zucker“, which has a circulation of 180,000 copies and has been in existence for nearly 10 years. The newly launched English version will begin with 30,000 copies distributed via info shops, autonomous centers, activist gatherings as well as conferences and panel discussions. With it, we wish to further an international debate on how to bring about emancipation. Unlike a lot of leftist magazines we try to break information down into a form that’s easy to understand yet doesn’t oversimplify. We are not affiliated with any party or large organization, we are a dedicated volunteer-run collective of individuals and people from the undogmatic left-communist group „TOP – Theory, Organisation, Practice.“ Our project has provided an important platform for left debates in the German-speaking world. We hope to continue this with our comrades, friends and allies from abroad!

Get in touch:

TOP (Theory. Organisation. Praxis) is a Berlin-based antifascist, anti-capitalist group. They are part of the “…ums Ganze!” alliance which consists of more than ten groups from all over Germany and Austria. To get in touch with them write to mail (at) and check out


Instead of an introduction
Why an internationalist antinational magazine?

Anstatt einer Einleitung
Warum eine internationale antinationale Zeitschrift?

Expanding the floor of the cage?
Why we need a revolution. And why a revolution is not enough.

Fuck you, I won‘ t do what you tell me!
Interview with Tom Morello of „Rage Against the Machine

Start with yourself!?
About uneaten McDonald’s burgers, unworn H&M clothes and unbooked journeys. Or: How consumer criticism is often too simple.

Actually Existing Socialism?
What we think about the Soviet Union & Co. and why their horror is ever the more reason to fight for communism.

When the Birds and the Bees…
Why sex and the state get it on with each other…

“It’s their fault!”
Capitalism. Crisis. Conflicts. Jews are blamed for almost everything. Antisemitism is a reality in all parts of German society – even in the left.

We are not disabled, we are being disabled
“It’s not our bodies that are wrong, but a poorly-equipped society.”

PorNo? PorYes? PorHaps…
Why not all Porn is hot.

We’re Running out of Work – at Last!
About work and karoshi.

Interview with David Graeber
We talked to one of the main organizers of Occupy Wall Street


Ulice Z Cukru #1

„Pro všechny ty lidi tu není dost místa!“
O přeplněných člunech a prázdných talířích