Routes Sucrées #2 online!

Titelblatt RS #2

„It doesn’t matter, if you’re black or white“. If only, Michael! It’s true enough that many do not mind. Skin colour: Mhhh… oatmeal? Pink?
Those who don’t qualify as white know much more about this. In this second issue of Routes Sucrées we concerned ourselves with racism – another boundary of the world we did not agree on. We tried to find out how these structures arose, how they function and how they are
maintained – still separating us from the beautiful life. To work on this issue wasn’t easy. How can we write about racism although we ourselves have no direct experience of it? There are people who can choose whether and when they want to deal with racism. That they come from Berlin-Kreuzberg may not be believed, but with a silent „Frankfurt“, „Hamburg“ or „Vienna“ the question about their origin is finally answered. They do not permanently need to explain their sound knowledge of German. They do not need to know the meaning of their name. No demand to integrate or „to leave again“.
What white lies are told to explain. Of overcrowded boats and empty plates. Why „Refugee“ means „fighter“, how activists struggle in the refugee camp in Berlin. And given that we demand streets made of sugar, les Routes Sucrées, it is time to suss out a colonial history that is anything but sweet.

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